1950's: In Black & White

Politics and Popular Culture

1952-1960: President Eisenhower
Suburbanization and the Interstate system
Television and mass marketing
The Beat Movement
Polio Vaccine
Alaska and Hawaii

Civil Rights and Desegregation

Ralph Ellison - Invisible Man
1954 - Brown v. Board of Education
1955 - Montgomery bus boycott
Civil Rights movement and end of Jim Crow
1957 - Civil Rights Law
1958 - Little Rock Central High School

Schools and Curriculum: Before Sputnik

Life Adjustment Curriculum
1952 - Arthur Bestor - Educational Wastelands
1955 - Why Johnny Can't Read
1956 - Bloom's Taxonomy
1957 - Last Issue of the Progressive Education Journal
1957 - NEA 100th Anniversary

Schools and Curriculum: After Sputnik

1957 - Sputnik
1958 - NDEA and the creation of NASA
NSF - PSSC, BSSC and SMSG: Science and New Math
Federal Financing
Curriculum Reform
1959 - The Process of Education and Jerome Bruner

Researching the 1950's: Interactive Resources for Students and Teachers

Additional References